10 Things That Are Keeping You From Getting Rich in Real Estate will help you see things as

they really are, not as they “appear” to be to the untrained eye. Once you learn to see things from a successful investor’s point of view, you can erase the feelings of risk and the lack of confidence that hold you back. These principles put you in the confident frame of find of the educated and experienced professional.

What scares most people as they consider real estate investing as a moneymaking opportunity is that it seems so mysterious, and besides, the stakes seem so high. We’re talking about hundreds of

thousands of dollars here.

Of course, just as the dawn helped us allay our childhood fears of monsters in the closet, the light of day—good, relevant and accurate information, helps us overcome those feelings that keep us from

taking action with real estate investing. The following information does just that. We will look at

things that you might perceive as problems, show you how many other people in the past have dealt with that and overcome it. We work from this viewpoint:

* It’s good to learn from your own mistakes.

* It’s better to learn from the mistakes of others (it’s less painful).

* It’s best to learn from the success of others.

What follows is information that focuses on the success of the most successful real estate investors.

No one person knows everything, so we have gathered good information from a variety of sources

and present here as a whole — a whole lot of good stuff that will get you off to a good start and help

you avoid the mistakes that cost you money.

Remember this, you lose money if you invest foolishly, but you also lose money (that would

rightfully be yours) if you fail to act upon opportunity.

We want to look at mistakes you might make and fears you might experience, then consider the right way to do it. Most often our fears are based on misinformation, so here we will look at the myths that some people believe. These myths are based on untruths, but they can paralyze you to inaction if you believe them. Fear of making mistakes is one of the most dangerous of fears, but knowing how to do it right means you not only avoid the mistakes but the fears, as well.

You see, every successful Investor has learned to overcome these 10 things — every successful

investor has to identify and avoid these 10 “perceived” roadblocks. Finally, you can have the RIGHT roadmap to success. It’s here, in one package, for you.

We’ll tell you the TRUTH about real estate investing, and you will learn the TRUTH about becoming wealthy in real estate.

Learn what the REAL RISKS are!

You’ll know you’re doing it right when:

* You know what to do

* You know what not to fear

* You know what to avoid

* You know what to ignore

  1. Trying to do it all by yourself
  2. Going after the wrong properties
  3. How to make an offer.
  4. Not making enough of the right kind of offers.
  5. Stretching yourself too thin until you are cash poor.
  6. Using to much of your own money.
  7. Trying to be a plastic surgeon instead of a beautician.
  8. Not getting started.
  9. Spending too much in marketing what you sell.
  10. Not maintaining the momentum (Long-Term Strategies Planning for success with goals)


Source by Janeen Arshan

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