White labeling the ad network solutions facilitates serving ads to the targeted audience on web pages, mobile screens and online videos, with your private label attached to them. It allows you to leverage all the features and functions of its ad servers under your brand name, at a reasonably lesser cost. The white labeling option provides the publishers, advertisers use the application’s interface, to manage roles, to activate customized emails with their business logo, caption and color.

Some companies provide white labeling either as an option or a built-in feature for those who need a fully branded solution for their ad serving needs.

Custom Interface

User Interface redesigned to reflect your labels exclusive to your brand. Reports you generate for your Publishers and Advertisers in the network are labeled with your name. The control panel is customized to carry your logo, caption, headers and footers on your standards.

Custom Domain

Roles, functions and permissions can be defined as per your organization standards and have a separate sign-in into the application for your employees. When your advertisers login into your domain, they see the application running in your brand name. Better advantage is that it gives a better and more organized admin support to create and manage accounts of your employees, Publishers and Advertisers.

Custom Ad Serving Domain

The ad serving codes from your domain can be customized to carry your labels. The visitors that come to the websites in your network will not know that you are using a third-party ad server. You could implement your own algorithms for serving ads online in your network.

Custom Messages and emails

Instead of having messages and email sent in our name, you can have an integrated, white labeled email broadcasting system.

Additionally, the reports on the ad’s performance, payouts, bills, etc. can be generated in your name. Both email and report templates can also be done according to your custom patterns.

White label ad servers give a plethora of benefits for your online advertising,

a. Branding

Higher and richer brand recognition. The professional quotient it brings along is sure to increase the brand value among your advertisers.

b. Safety

With a white label SSL certificate, you can ensure a safe ad serving under your branded domain.

c. Saving Time and Money

White label ad server is the best solution as you would require no additional resources and tools to privatize your application and interface, saving you both cost and time, which can be invested on your business tasks and customer service.

White labeling provides you a complete branded ad server solution, that covers the entire scope of ad serving activities and monetization responsibilities with an organized domain management.

Source by Ashraf Hameeda T

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