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New beta feature gives domain investors transparency into which domains are being negotiated.
Afternic has introduced a new feature called Lead Center that is designed to provide more insight into leads that Afternic brokers are working, and to allow for communication between domain investors and brokers.
The beta is accessible in the Afternic 2.0 beta by clicking on the Lead Center link in the left-hand navigation pane.
The lead center shows leads by status, including “Needs attention”, “Favorites”, and “In progress”.
I know that many domain investors look for “On hold” domains in their accounts, which indicates that a deal has been struck but is awaiting payment. Now, people can go higher in the funnel to see which domains brokers are currently working on their behalf.
This is good progress. I’d also like to see a “No Sale” status to see which domains received a lead but did not result in a sale. This is important information for renewals and setting prices. If you use the “closed” drop down you can see leads that didn’t result in a sale.
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J.R. says

This is a move in the right direction for Afternic.
The no sale status would be a good addition as well.
Next step for Afternic is to fully integrate the Lease to Own Option.
Andrew Allemann says

Turns out they have it — I didn’t notice it at first. Some really good data in there.
J.R. says

Great news
joesaba2014 says

Very good news about Afternic that Andrew tells us.
I am sending almost all of my domain portfolio in Uniregistry to Afternic.
@JR The leasing issue should change, I have never accepted a payment of $100 each month, as most of the new Domainers accepted after the pandemic, in my opinion it should be from $500, it is the most reasonable.
J.R. says

With the payment plan option, you would be able to set your own price. allows you to determine # of months and your own BIN price.
For example, on you can:
Sell BIN $100K or accept payment plan 3 years/$33K per year/$2.7K per month (your option).
Afternic DOES NOT allow this sort of deal-making yet, but I suspect they’ll fully integrate it in 1-2 years.
Clearly, GD is good about buying their innovative competitors.
joesaba2014 says

Thanks for your reply.
I know what you write, when it comes to 6-figure domains I use Domain Broker.
Bradley says

That is certainly a good development for Afternic/GD. For a long time I have been suggesting to my GD rep that Afternic should incorporate the system DomainNameSales used to have. They had that deep more transparent funnel. It is a good thing
Andrew Allemann says

The downside to the transparency Uni provided was that you could see uneven treatment of leads. Will be curious if Afternic has a more uniform approach to handling leads.
Andrew Allemann says

I should say the downside to the brokers (but the upside to domain investors)
Alex says

What about the payment?
I used Afternic years ago and when any domain sold, they’re sending payment after 2 weeks, lol ๐Ÿ™‚
steven says

I could go for a feature that gives you an option to ‘purchase the lead’ and negotiate the deal yourself… similar to’s model.
with all due respect to an/gd brokers, they work on behalf of the buyers and it has been my experience that almost always money is left on the table when I am not privy to buyer identity…
steve says

I really like this lead center module…you can see what broker has been assigned, potential buyer call logs, qualifying and even offers not so far from BIN price…i’ve had over 30 leads since this was implemented in march, more than I had anticipated…what a great tool
i wish we could know buyer activity of leads and country, as there are a few countries where buyers have always paid – germany and scandinavian countries and holland and switzerland. most usa buyers have paid, but not always.
Domo Sapiens says

Don’t they (Afternic) contact you If something is being negotiated, anyway?
Andrew Allemann says

It depends where the lead is coming from. If someone hires them through their brokerage service for $70, they’re going to reach out to you. If you list your domain on Afternic, they’re only going to reach out if they need you to respond to an offer. If you give them a floor then they don’t need to reach out. Or if they think they can get the buyer up to your ask price.
Domo Sapiens says

(personally speaking, I am not a fan of setting floor prices)
Zubair Amin says

I was using afternic from 2008 and in 2017 I left to use but due to its beta version launch and many features after Godaddy acquisition, I started to love it again. This new Lead Center feature is most awaited.
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