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Breaking Ground on New 72-Bed Mental Health Hospital in Olathe
On Thursday morning, I joined KVC Health Systems and Children’s Mercy to break ground on a the Mental Health Wellness Campus – a new 72-bed mental health hospital that will provide in-patient care to Olathe and the surrounding area. This state-of-the-art facility is the result of a partnership between KVC Health Systems and Children’s Mercy Hospital, and their commitment to further investing in the health care of Kansans. According to a study released last fall, Kansas has fallen behind the other states in providing much-needed mental health services to Kansans, both adults and children.

The new Mental Health Wellness Campus and the partnership between KVC and Children’s Mercy is a perfect example of two dedicated organizations coming together to improve the lives of Kansans. It is investments like this one, made by KVC, Children’s Mercy and their generous donors, that will revive mental health care in Kansas and provide hope and help to people who are struggling and hurting.

Thank you to Jason Hooper, President and CEO of KVC Health Systems, and Paul Kempinski, President and CEO of Children’s Mercy, for not only identifying the need for an in-patient adult and pediatric mental health facility, but for pursuing a solution to that need. Thank you as well to Governor Laura Kelly and Representative Sharice Davids for joining this event.


$451 Million in Broadband Funding Awarded to Kansas
On Monday, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced it will provide $451 million to Kansas for broadband deployment. In this digital age, access to reliable internet can determine the success of farms, businesses and even health care in rural communities. Every taxpayer dollar should be used efficiently and in a way that best serves Americans, which is why I have been working with the Federal Communications Commission to update broadband deployment maps before this funding was allocated. The accuracy of these maps will make certain funding reaches places in need of broadband access and does not overbuild areas that already have internet access. I will continue to use my Appropriations Subcommittee and Commerce Committee roles to conduct oversight of federal broadband deployment programs.

You can read more from the Kansas Reflector here.

De Soto Local Road Improvement Project Groundbreaking
On Thursday, I spoke at the groundbreaking of the De Soto Local Road Improvement Project. Last July, Panasonic announced the construction of a $4 billion, 2.74 million square-foot battery manufacturing facility, which is expected to create 4,000 jobs. In order to facilitate this project, 4.5 miles of road which currently make up a two-lane road will be upgraded to a new four-lane highway.

Panasonic chose to invest in Kansas because our state is recognized as a destination for opportunity and growth, a talented workforce, a welcoming community and quality of life. Thursday’s event marked one more advancement in Panasonic’s historic investment in Kansas. By expanding to a four-lane road, the project will deliver the transportation infrastructure improvements necessary to support the plant, enhance service to existing and growing business in the area and bolster safety for traffic, facilitating better travel time for emergency responders and commuters. This project will set Kansas up as a place where more companies want to do business.

Thank you to Governor Laura Kelly, Representative Sharice Davids, Kansas Transportation Secretary Calvin Reed, De Soto Mayor Rick Walker, Assistant Johnson County Manager Aaron Otto, Allan Swan of Panasonic and Bill Clarkson of Clarkson Construction who joined the groundbreaking.


Meeting with U.S. Army Major General John Meyer III at Fort Riley
On Friday, I met with U.S. Army Major General John Meyer III, the 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley Commanding General. We discussed potential changes to force structure the Army as a whole may be making, as well as what these changes could mean for Fort Riley. We also spoke about the positive relationships between Fort Riley and the surrounding communities and the regional economic impact of Fort Riley on the area. As Co-Chair of the Senate Army Caucus and the lead Republican of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, I look forward to continuing to work with Major General Meyer to support to Fort Riley and the servicemembers of the 1st Infantry Division.

Kansans in the Office

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