Apple is preparing a revolutionary device that will change everything: the Apple Vision Pro headset. This is a device that combines the real and the digital world in an amazing way. It looks like ski goggles, and it has its own battery. With it, the user can control dozens of functions with their eyes, hands or voice, and be in a “mixed” world, where reality blends with virtual reality in a very advanced process.

The user does not need any controller, but can do it with their hands or eyes. Wearing it, the user can do a series of everyday uses, such as seeing a virtual screen of their computer (and not the real one), which they can enlarge as they wish or work on a virtual keyboard in the space.

They can also browse dozens of applications that are displayed in front of them in an intermediate state of virtual and real reality. This is done while maintaining contact with the outside world, as in some of its functions the user’s eyes can be visible to other people.

The possibilities are almost unlimited. The user can project the movie they want in the virtual world, enlarging the projection screen as they wish, they can change the projection environment, they can project their work and messages in a virtual environment.

They can also communicate with other people on Facetime in this “intermediate” world between reality and VR, while a 3D camera integrated on the “mask” can record the moments of everyday life that the user wants.

The Apple Vision Pro is perhaps the most important news that has existed for quite some time in the world of virtual reality. It will be officially presented next year, with its cost already announced at $3,449.

It is a huge step, especially when exclusive applications will start to be created on its new software. Reality will never be the same again.

And if you don’t believe us, definitely press play on the video that follows. And get an idea of how interesting (or dystopian, as one sees it) our life will be in the next few years.

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