Can you imagine having the time of your life and getting paid to promote a major beer? Beer Girls are the sexy ingredients that are not listed on a bottle of beer. They are the life of the party when added to a consumers beer drinking experience.

Becoming a beer girl for a major brand such as Miller lite or Bud Light is a dream job for any girl over the age of 21.

These attractive girls are getting paid over $30 per hour to communicate to consumers the qualities of the beer they are promoting.

How to Become a Beer Promotional Model

You must have the ability to entertain and persuade a male consumer to purchase the beer you are promoting. Just like Victoria Secret models are required to sell more sexy lingerie for Victoria Secrets, a Miller Girl is being paid to sell more beer for Miller Brewing company.

– You must be over the age of 21 and not look younger than 21

– You must have an attractive body and be in great shape

In order for a Beer Girl to be effective, she must know every great attribute about the beverage she is promoting. She needs to know why her beer is better than the beer the consumer is drinking. Just because a girl is hot is not reason alone to get a man to stop drinking a beer he has always enjoyed.

Beer Companies such as MillerCoors and Budweiser target young male consumers between the ages of 21-27 because they are more likely to be persuaded to try different beers. They are not yet brand loyal and are still in the phase of just drinking any beer that is popular.

Beer companies are positioning their beers as the popular and fun beer. Beer Girls are just the foam on a great draft beer. They are able to stick on the minds of young male consumers more than a cheesy commercial.

Source by Paul Boss Gage

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