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Isn’t this guy a “respected” open source contributor? I seem to remember the name on a lot of commits at one time.
There are no rules that you have to gather logs. No one is a criminal for not keeping meticulous logs filling up harddrives they have to pay for and backup.
The other things going on are illegal but slipping that in there too is basically a grab. Associating people who donâ(TM)t keep logs with criminals is what is bullshit here.
Like, failing to lock your car is not in itself a crime. But if your gun was stolen out of your car by a felon who left $400 in its place, the fact that you ‘forgot’ to lock your car so the whole thing could be done quickly and quietly would be relevant.
So, a new domain name, hosting site and country of residence. And then it’s back to business as usual. Major coup for law enforcement. Way to go there, guys!
…as the bullet-proof monk, not at all.
If you need to fight something bulletproof, just use a bigger gun.
And if you are a nation state you always have some siege cannons at your disposal.
Why did it take a decade to take the website down?
The guy behind it has already disappeared and taken his money with him. With the amount of money he has, he can buy anonymity. He can buy a new identity.
This should be a case that the IRS and DOJ don’t want to talk about, because it’s been handled terribly.
Nah, Cloudflare has cornered the market.
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“It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and I’m wearing Milkbone underware.” — Norm, from _Cheers_

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