In today’s business and economy, is there a risk in being self employed? Absolutely! Is there a greater benefit (financially) in being self employed? Absolutely! The fact is that nothing worth fighting for is risk free and being self employed is the only true way to become financially free. If you are satisfied with your “lot in life” then find another article to read. If you want to know what it takes to become successful in life, then read on.

Most countries are based on Free Enterprise, yet this simple concept seems to be generally lost. Since the industrial revolution where more and more people were needed to build the countries infrastructure, jobs have become a replacement for free enterprise. You see, some entrepreneurs got greedy and decided to brain wash potential entrepreneurs into thinking that there is “security” in having a job rather than owning your own business. They want you to think that it is easier to work for someone than to own your own business. They want you to think that you need to have some sort of special education to be an entrepreneur. HOGWASH!

Listen, if you have desire to succeed, you can succeed. If you have the will to learn how to run a business, you can succeed. If you wake up in the morning and feel like you have been sold down the river for a “title” in your job and want to break free of this modern form of slavery, you can succeed.

Hundreds of Thousands of people died for us to have the freedom of choice, so we can benefit from Free Enterprise. Please do not confuse the word “Free”, as I am sure that the families of those that died for freedom think it there was anything “free” about it. We have a duty to honour the lives they gave so we can live in a country that sponsors freedom of choice.

Now, there are rules in today’s’ Business and Economy, but they are in favour of the Entrepreneur:

Understand this there are 3 major rules for understanding how to ultimately succeed in business as an entrepreneur; income taxes are structured in favour of the entrepreneur, the banking system is structured in favour of the entrepreneur and the laws of money are in favour of the entrepreneur.

So this does not mean that you have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a franchise, or millions of dollars to buy an established business. Instead, you can simply start to work from home and be self employed. I do not care what type of business you choose, just get started!

As I stated above, income taxes are structured in favour of the entrepreneur, so you will pay less in income taxes because you are running a business from your home, even if you do not make any money at first, as long as you show an effort to do so in the beginning, you will in essence make money by saving money on your income taxes. The good news is, you can do this part time, while you still work your job, this way you are still making money while you build your business, this will lessen your risk and your income taxes.

Again, the banks like entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs like to borrow money to go out and take chances, so they can make interest off of your business loan (by the way, interest is a write-off), but they will want you to be in business for a little while. With that being said, they will loan you money against your assets (House, Car, Investments, etc.) so be sure to use what you have to your favour.

The law of money is in favour of the entrepreneur and comes in two parts; consider them two very strong magnets, if they are far enough apart from each other and neither of them are moving, then nothing happens. Now, imagine one magnet is you and the other magnet is money; take some time to research where the money is and begin to move towards it. At first you may be the only one of the two moving, but as you continue to demonstrate your desire to move closer to money, something really cool happens…it begins to move to you too! Eventually the money will be so attracted to you; it will be hard to shake it off so long as you continue to focus towards it. Just as easily as you attracted it, you can repel it too, by simply turning away from it, then it will push away from you.

So, get started in today’s’ Business and Economy, be a self employed entrepreneur and work from home! There are many business opportunities out there and tons of money to be made. It will not be without risk, and it will not be without some hard work, but it is possible for you to do if you have desire to succeed.

Because YOU Deserve Money!

Greg Nicholls

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