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We’re in a Race.
A race against time and against ourselves. Against the dangerous idea that we can’t do this, that there is no way.
Unlike most races, it won’t have one winner. In this race we all win, or we all lose. Winning it requires a radical, unprecedented level of collaboration, from all corners of our world. From our cities, businesses, regions and investors. From people everywhere.
Together we’re racing for a better world. A zero carbon and resilient world. A healthier, safer, fairer world. A world of wellbeing, abundance and joy, where the air is fresher, our jobs are well-paid and dignified, and our future is clear.
To get there we need to run fast, and get faster. We need more and more people to join the race, and right now. This is not about 2050, it’s about today.
Trillions of dollars worth of investments are needed each year to achieve the rapid, far-reaching transformations required to address the impact of the climate crisis. In doing so, it would also meet the UNFCCC’s objectives, the Paris Agreement’s goals, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 
Unlocking access to public and private climate finance, especially in developing countries, is critical to achieving this.
Last year, the COP27 Presidency and the five United Nations Regional Commissions, together with the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions, jointly convened a series of five Regional Finance Forums to demonstrate that a promising pipeline of projects exists across developing countries and to bring them to the attention of prospective financiers with capital to deploy. 
Overall, over 450 projects, programs, funds, and enterprises requiring approximately USD $600bn in financing were identified from various sources in the run-up to, during and after the Forums. Fifty of these, aggregating to approximately USD $90bn in funding requirements, featured in the UN Compendium of Climate-Related Initiatives launched at COP27.
Separately, the Climate Champions’ Extended Compendium of Climate-Related Initiatives was launched in collaboration with the UN Regional Commissions, totalling over USD $120bn in funding requirements. The full list of 450+ projects can be accessed via the Climate Champions Master Project List of Climate-Related Initiatives
This year, the Forums aim to build on these successful outcomes by convening project proponents with prospective financiers and investors to advance these projects.
On 17 May, the first Forum will take place in Bangkok, hosted by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), in collaboration with COP27 and COP28 Presidencies and the High-Level Champions. 
Examples of some of the projects to be presented at the Forum include:
With respect to improved visibility to investors, a Mongolian energy transition project sponsor said: “We have often been constrained by our limited resources to focus on meeting with investors. Thanks to this effort, we have supporters to advocate for our work and create visibility into the work that we are doing on ground”.
A sponsor of the hydro-eco park spoke on how the Forums are lowering the transaction costs for the project, saying: “Earlier this year, we set a goal to raise funding to scale our efforts but have had little success due to limited capacity to meet with investors. Through this work, we have been able to supercharge our efforts by getting support to meet with a targeted group of investors”. 
The Bangkok Forum will also aim to align public and private finance to improve the policy and regulatory environment to mobilise finance. Specifically, it will look at how ministers can build rigorous regulatory frameworks and how the private finance sector can create innovative sustainable solutions aligned with the global net zero and adaptation targets
Read the full details and attendee list in the agenda here
Register your virtual attendance here for the first Regional Finance Forum in Bangkok, Thailand (17 May). 
 The next Forum will take place in:
Additional Forums to be confirmed and co-hosted by the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions:
For any questions, please contact

Discover how the UN Climate Change High-Level Champions and the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center are helping mobilize concrete actions and contributions by the private financial sector to unlock climate adaptation and resilience finance.

This International Day for Biological Diversity, Race to Zero members — Aviva Investors, Schroders and Robeco – demonstrate their commitment to paving the way for a net zero nature-positive future.

How Race to Zero member, Aviva, uses campaign criteria, the 5Ps, to support the transition to a low carbon economy and address deforestation and biodiversity loss.

There is growing evidence that the private sector can help address the climate adaptation finance gap and increase the resilience of vulnerable communities against the severe effects of climate change.
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