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High on cocaine and wanting a domain.
The hot ticket at movie theaters this weekend is Cocaine Bear, a movie about a bear that does cocaine. It’s based on true events. Seriously.
You can see a trailer for the movie at its official site,
The bear wants more, though. Someone filed a cybersquatting complaint with National Arbitration Forum (case 2031224) to get the domain name
While the forum doesn’t disclose who filed a complaint until it’s decided, you can bet it is someone involved with the movie. [Update: it might also be someone affiliate with the taxidermied cocaine bear, e.g. Kentucky by Kentucky. was registered in May 2022, well after the movie was announced. The official .movie domain was registered in 2021. If you’re wondering why they didn’t pick up the .com at the time, it’s because someone else had registered it before letting it expire.
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John Berryhill says

The actual Cocaine Bear, well, what remains of it, has long been a quirky tourist attraction in Kentucky. The owners of the venue where she is on display have long had merchandising around Cocaine Bear, and own the several registered and unregistered marks.
This is one of my favorite oddball situations. Yes, one could argue that “Cocaine Bear” is, to some extent, descriptive of the subject invoked by the mark. On the other hand, it is the only one of its kind, or at least we certainly hope so.
Watch domainers start scooping up MethRabbit and LSDLizard names.
“Crack Spider” is a lot older on YouTube.
King of Domain King, Options and Nannys says

Are you on ecstasy Drew?
bladel says

This has made me reconsider my plans to register a bunch of Cocaine Shark domains.
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