The internet chock full of business opportunities and/or offers. When being bombarded by all these solicitations, what factors should one be examining when looking to join a business? This article looks at key tenants in making that decision.

The Problem

Information overload is abundant. All over the search engines people are pitching their “unique” opportunity. Many want you to opt-into their system to learn more information. After opting into various pages, you emails get full quickly with not enough time to examine all the different benefits and costs nor knowing which one will work. It can be a confusing mess. How can we sift through the solicitations and get down to the money making essence of the online business opportunity or online business MLM organization?

The Selection Process:

I have some guidelines to follow to see what online business opportunity will be most beneficial to each person.

1. How does one get paid? Learn what it actually takes to get a check form the online business MLM. Can you see yourself fulfilling the obligation? If not, don’t waste time, pass on it.

2. Do you have a realistic marketing budget to get people interested in the online business opportunity? So many people fail miserably at this one. They don’t realize that it does take some outlay of marketing funds to get things going in any new online business opportunity. If you don’t, skip it.

Some programs require very little money such as affiliate programs. Start there, but know that you may have to spend some time constructing at least a web-page, domain name, and hosting. It is foolish if you think that you are going to make a new stream of income without putting out ANY money. The KEY is to figure out what you are willing to spend. Then stick to it and do it for a while. Many quit after a few months if results don’t come pouring in. The truth is that the best online business MLM programs are long-term ventures. That means years to reap success. Be real with yourself before your get involved.

3. You need to obtain a check quickly. Even if the check is small (say $30) it is key that you start getting some pay-off relatively soon. If not, your confidence will sour and you will most likely give up. When you start getting some crumbs, it will inspire you to re-double your efforts and give you some confidence that you are moving in the right direction. Affiliate programs are great to get small checks coming your way.

When I got my first ones, I had been marketing for a couple of months and although it did not pay for a whole lot, I felt like I was on track and put more energy into everything I did. That was huge for me at the time and it will be the same for you.

4. Are there people you can mentor and duplicate from inside the online business opportunity? If the leadership is inaccessible, how are you going to learn and duplicate their systems? Are they doing things that resonate with you? How much are they making in the business?

To make money online, you don’t have to be brilliant, but you do need to utilize a successful system that you can plug into quickly and have mentors within the organization who are available to help you. It saves you time from having to re-invent the wheel. Lastly, you must be passionate about what is being sold. If not, pass.

These are the biggest challenges I see out there. I hope that this helps you sift through all the various offers and saves you time and hopefully some money too. Remember, everyone started out as a novice so you are all in the same boat. What is important is that you act like a captain, not a deck swab.

Source by Antonio Bistrain

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