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A Ministry of Finance employee named Naveen Pal has been arrested by Ghaziabad Police on espionage charges.
As per a report by India Today, the arrest took place in the Crossings Republik area after receiving information from the Intelligence Bureau. The First Information Report (FIR) states that Naveen Pal shared classified information about the finance ministry and the G20 meeting with an individual in Karachi, Pakistan.
Investigation into the case revealed that Naveen Pal communicated the information through the messaging app WhatsApp. It was discovered that Naveen Pal initially connected with a woman on social media and subsequently engaged in conversations with her via WhatsApp.
Initially, the woman’s phone number was traced back to Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. However, upon tracing the IP address associated with the number, it was determined to be originating from Karachi.

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During the investigation, the police discovered numerous documents related to the finance ministry and the G20 on Naveen Pal’s mobile phone. These files were saved under the name “secret,” according to the police.
Additionally, the police stated that they are actively searching for a woman from Alwar in Rajasthan. It is believed that this woman digitally transferred a certain amount of money to Naveen Pal’s account. The authorities are making efforts to locate and apprehend her in connection with the case.
Earlier on May 5, Pradeep Kurulkar, a DRDO scientist from Pune was arrested by the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) over accusations of espionage.
According to the ATS press release, scientist Pradeep Kurulkar (60), director of the DRDO (Engineers)was arrested due to a possible honeytrap case.
Pune police reported that Pradeep Kurulkar was found to have communicated with operatives of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency (PIO) through WhatsApp messages and voice and video calls while performing his official duties. The suspect seemed to have been attracted by images of women on social media platforms and subsequently established contact with Pakistani intelligence agents in the past year, reported DNA citing sources.
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