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Me: I need to go to the theater in Wattsville
Bard Maps: Blah blah blah then turn down Center Street and you’re there
Me: I drove that way, there is no road called Center Street or any way to get to such a street
Bard Maps: Oh I apologize for my mistake. You are correct, there is no Center Street. You need to take Adam Street at that corner then turn right and you’re at Marketville.
Me: I don’t want to go to Marketville, we were talking about Wattsville.
Bard Maps: I apologize. You are correct, we were talking a
At least they didn’t name it Minstrel… []
What a great idea!
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Microsoft Accidentally Reveals New Disc-Less Xbox Series X Design With a Lift-To-Wake Controller
I tell them to turn to the study of mathematics, for it is only there that they might escape the lusts of the flesh. — Thomas Mann, “The Magic Mountain”

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