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This is basically the entire basis of their advertising bid-per-show. Sure, some people bid on “garbage removal”, but most counterprogram their competition as well. If this catches on…
It seems like any company that uses common words in their business name and tries to claim trademark status of that phrase should be denied.
If a company calls itself “Seattle drywall installers” and claims trademark status on that phrase, they shouldn’t be surprised when Google returns other businesses when users search for that phrase.
If Google can show that searches for “Agarwal Packers and Movers” and “Packers and Movers Agarwal” return the same results, the judge should rule against trademark infringeme
Seems their plutocrats have yet to bribe enough law makers and courts to have a “business friendly atmosphere”. Is that being “behind the USA”? Either way, “behind” is appropriate.
Doubtful, unless said coupon includes the name of the product you did purchase as well; it’s too easy to say “they bought something from category 1233, so they got a coupon for a thing from category 1233”.
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US Watchdog To Announce Plans To Regulate ‘Surveillance Industry’
365 Days of drinking Lo-Cal beer. = 1 Lite-year

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