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September is historically the worst month for stocks.
Looking back to 1945, the S&P 500 has declined more than half the time in September, according to CFRA, with an average return of -0.73%.
But before you get caught up in seasonal market trends, September might not be as bad as history predicts.
"When you're up over 10% for the year going into the normally troublesome month of September, it doesn't do as poorly," Carson Group chief market strategist Ryan Detrick told Yahoo Finance.
So what could surprise investors and be a positive market catalyst? Excitement around AI, cash on the sidelines, and Apple’s (AAPL) rumored brand-new iPhone may be enough to buck September's usual downward trend.
AI excitement fueled the market’s rally this year, with shares of AI-related stocks including Nvidia (NVDA), Meta (META), and Microsoft (MSFT) among the market’s best performers.
And it’s not just tech players benefiting from the hype. Companies across industries have jumped on the bandwagon by mentioning AI on earnings calls, highlighting how artificial intelligence can transform sectors including travel, healthcare, and manufacturing.
And come September, AI could offer a boost to investor sentiment, thanks to upcoming announcements from Microsoft, Meta, and Salesforce (CRM). Microsoft and Meta are both set to hold events in September to show off their latest innovations in artificial intelligence, while Salesforce is expected to further tout AI efforts at its annual Dreamforce conference.
"AI is probably not priced in," Spouting Rock Asset Management chief strategist Rhys Williams told Yahoo Finance about the opportunity to invest in artificial intelligence. "The AI story is terrific right now. … We’re still in the early innings."
Artificial intelligence will likely be a theme at Goldman Sachs’ Communacopia & Technology Conference in September too, where leaders across telecoms, media, and technology could give insight on various AI investments.
More investors are holding cash or investing in cash-related products amid higher rates and uncertainty over the Fed’s path of monetary policy.
And excess cash could help the market regain momentum and drive further gains, one strategist said.
"With all of this fear, I think people are underestimating the amount of cash on the sidelines that has to play catch-up for underperformance in the first half of the year," Great Hill Capital chairman Thomas Hayes told Yahoo Finance.
The total assets in money market funds have risen dramatically this year, totaling $5.57 trillion as of Aug. 23, according to the Investment Company Institute.
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Apple’s run to $3 trillion in market value earlier this year helped the Nasdaq 100 post a record first half of the year, and given the company’s dominance in equity markets, an impressive lineup of products could be a positive catalyst.
Apple’s next major product unveiling is set for Sept. 12 at the tech giant’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. And while Apple has not disclosed details, Wall Street is expecting the company to debut its iPhone 15 as well as new Apple watches.
"You see these small spikes of enthusiasm in the market," Allianz Investment Management head of ETF strategy Johan Grahn told Yahoo Finance. "It might be a gadget, a prime product push."
Apple is under pressure to impress at its event. The tech giant snapped its seven-month win streak in August after iPhone sales declined for the third quarter in a row.
While only time will tell whether or not these factors will be enough to upend the well-known "September effect," they give investors reason to believe there’s a chance markets could surprise to the upside.
Seana Smith is an anchor at Yahoo Finance. Follow Smith on Twitter @SeanaNSmith. Tips on deals, mergers, activist situations, or anything else? Email
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Everyone likes a winner, and it’s only natural to gravitate toward them, but the stock market offers a unique twist on that process. That is because the biggest opportunities are often found among the losers, or more precisely, the stocks that have been beaten-down for one reason or another. The interesting part is that in the stock market, these losers can quickly become winners, and those who were bold enough to pick up equities at depressed levels when they looked down and out will, in the en
September is traditionally known to be a challenging month for the stock market, with historical data showing it is usually the worst month of the year for stocks. However, when considering year-to-date activity, J.P. Morgan’s Global Investment Strategist, Madison Faller, points out that this may not be the case this year. “A closer look shows that in the 10 times since 1950 that the S&P 500 has been up at least 10% year-to-date and it’s been down in August (just like this year), September has b
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Tesla, already the world's most valuable automaker, started production of the supercomputer to train artificial intelligence (AI) models for self-driving cars in July and plans to spend more than $1 billion on Dojo through next year. Dojo can open up new addressable markets that "extend well beyond selling vehicles at a fixed price," Morgan Stanley analysts led by Adam Jonas wrote in a note on Sunday.
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Oracle stock fell after the company reported adjusted earnings of $1.19 a share for its first quarter, just ahead of views.
Pratt & Whitney parent RTX said it will take a $3 billion charge as it inspects Pratt & Whitney engines.
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Tesla shares have surged after a Wall Street bank predicted that the electric car company’s value would rise above $1.2 trillion (£958bn) because of investments in an artificial intelligence supercomputer.
Broadcom director Check Kian Low just bought $9.6 million of shares of the chip maker on the open market.
Nvidia is riding high on an AI-fueled wave. One trader calls it the "Michael Jordan" of stocks today.
September has generally been described as a difficult month for the stock market. This trend dates back almost 100 years and is sometimes attributed to investors making changes to their portfolios by taking profits as summer ends. This year, the post-Labor Day holiday week began in dour fashion for several real estate investment trusts (REITs) as a slew of analyst downgrades hit the wires shortly before the opening bell on Sept. 5. Take a look at five downgrades that negatively impacted the REIT
Truist Financial is planning "sizable reductions" to its workforce over the next few months to save roughly $300 million in costs and said the bank's revenue for the current quarter was likely to be in line with its expectations. The layoffs, part of a larger cost savings program, will be underway from the current quarter to the first quarter of 2024, Truist said in a presentation to investors on Monday, sending shares 2% higher in mid-morning trading. "Other cost savings initiatives include aggressively managing third-party spend, further reducing our corporate real estate footprint and rationalizing tech spend," said CEO Bill Rogers at the Barclays Financial Services Conference.
Competitive yields are tough to find in the stock market these days. For investors who aren’t averse to risk, business development companies offer an exception.
The benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury note yield has peaked in the current cycle, according to a majority of bond strategists polled by Reuters, although most said their conviction around that prediction was weak. Despite yields rising over the past few months, analysts in a Reuters Sept. 5-11 poll held on to their predictions that sovereign yields will drop over the coming year, suggesting the recent sell-off in the bond market was mostly over. Roughly the same group of strategists said the same thing last month, about two weeks before the benchmark U.S. yield hit a near-16 year high of 4.37%.

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