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Over time, finance has evolved from playing a crucial but merely intermediary role in the economy, to becoming the driving force behind most decision-making, even by governments. Financialization has become so deeply rooted that we seem to have unlearned politics.
NEW YORK – Finance used to be a means to an end, not an end in itself. From food and housing to family vacations, everything in our daily lives must be paid for one way or another. If we don’t have cash on hand, we turn to a lender for a credit line.
Companies do the same. They routinely finance their operations by borrowing or issuing equity stakes to investors, who will part with their money in the expectation of future returns. By bringing these counterparties together, capital markets play a crucial role in the economy. So far so good.
But finance is no longer just an intermediary that channels money from savers to borrowers. No longer are its functions confined to putting money in the hands of people who will pledge to pay back the principal, plus interest, in the future. On the contrary, finance is now in the driver’s seat, setting the agenda for others, including governments.
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Katharina Pistor, Professor of Comparative Law at Columbia Law School, is the author of The Code of Capital: How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality (Princeton University Press, 2019).

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When I was getting my MBA in the early 70's, CEOs of large corporations had mixed backgrounds of Marketing, Operations and Engineering, but very few moved to CEO from CFO. About the time Milton Friedman from the University of Chicago wrote his famous article in the New York Times "A Friedman doctrine –The Social Responsibility of Business Is to Increase Its Profits" ( in 1979 all that started to change: Friedman claimed that the only responsibility of US corporations is to "Make a Profit".

In 2004 Samuel Huntington wrote his own famous article "Dead Souls: The Denationalization of the American Elite" ( in which he explained that US elites had lost their patriotism as loyal Americans responsible to the American Nation and other Emericans, and were "Out for Themselves", only." By that time Neoliberalism was dominating the American system, and it was already predictable that it would weaken the strength of the American Nation and its National Security.

Now, Samuel Huntington is proved right, and Milton Friedman wrong. Today the World is rebelling against World Control by Western Financial elites and unifying against the West. The Middle Class in America has been decimated and we have lost our Democracy. The Sino-Russian Alliance and BRICS are implementing a Multipolar World Order to replace the Unipolar World Order controlled by US financial elites.

There are few signs that US corporations are moving away from former CFO's as their CEO's and re-instilling US economic growth through effective management of Operations and Marketing and Enginering as their primary goals.

As the final sentence in this article claims, "No one benefits more from this calamity than finance. But those returns cannot last indefinitely."


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Transition from a Unipolar to a Multipolar World Order:
Prices may not be perfect guides to the future, but what is the alternative; decisions made by bureaucrats, driven by an ideological agenda? That experiment has already been tried and has unequivocally failed miserably.
The mortgage market was driven more by government policy and the market followed. Were there excesses, for sure; there always will be, it's human nature. One of the problems was the unwillingness on the part of the regulators (decision makers not the markets) to enforce the laws for the purposes which they were put in place in the first place.
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To revisit the lives and legacies of Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman is to track the arc of our shifting attitudes toward markets and modernity more broadly. But caricatures will not do; rather, we must take seriously the economic ideas that made these figures celebrities.
After having maintained near-zero interest rates for decades, the Japanese central bank may be forced to hike rates if inflation remains persistently high. But Japan’s enormous government debt and vulnerable banking sector mean that doing so could trigger a systemic financial crisis.
“Our future is bright,” Chinese President Xi Jinping declared in a recent speech, “but the road ahead will not be smooth.” Given his country’s enormous debts and imploding property sector – which have already spurred the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to slash their growth forecasts – that might be the economic understatement of the year.
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