So, how do you remove negative web pages? Below are listed some effective techniques that work.

These techniques and strategies relating to online reputation management are built on a foundation developed over a period of more than 10 years on the Internet, specifically SEO marketing and top page placement for many clients. Although online reputation management is the opposite of SEO — moving (negative) web pages to the BOTTOM of the search engines rather than the top — companies that take a full service approach to Internet reputation repair and management are likely to produce top results. Remember, consumers use search engines to gather information. When they undertake a search for you or your company, your hope is that your own website is high up on the search results list. Negative information will ultimately lead to problems in many areas, including sales, public relations, recruitment, financials, image and reputation. In other words, big time damage.

First, begin by registering new domain and sub-domain names which will contain positive content about you or your company. When properly spidered, these pages will distribute positive communications that will displace the negative web pages and postings from search engine results.

Online reputation management, when properly done, allows you to influence the ‘conversation’ by eliminating negative sites in the blogosphere, on consumer complaint sites, social network sites, from competitor attacks, law suits, and forums. Because of the speed at which information gets exchanged, you need to take control of the dialogue and appear positively in the top listings across the major search engines.

Second, participate in professional social network sites, such as LinkedIn. Share common interests and information with participants who can add endorsements that become visible amongst members and influence search results. There are many ‘secrets’ and ‘back door’ sites known by ORM experts for creating high page rank backlinks for quickly indexing your site on Google for top page placement. Again, the idea initially is not removing negative web pages, but pushing them down to page 3, 4, and so on. The good news is most users rarely look beyond page one of the major search engines. (Be sure to monitor these social networking sites!)

Next, make sure that your corporate site is fully search engine optimized and appears at the top of results lists for your name and brand. If you have more than one site, the same attention should be given to all your sister sites and corporate blogs. Also, be sure to encourage your employees to blog. They are on your side and these blogs can also be search engine optimized.

Source by Elliot K

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