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Taking time to map out life goals and plan ahead—as you would a financial investment—can lead to happiness down the road
The same principles investors use to build wealth can be used to enrich yourself in other ways. Just as we buy stocks and bonds to generate financial growth, we can build a portfolio of how we spend our time and money now that pays off in the months and years ahead.
Investments in ourselves, or what economists call our human capital, can be a more productive way to frame efforts for bettering our lives. There are three major categories experts suggest focusing on: career, well-being and happiness. Use these tips to help.
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Envision your investment as a long road with multiple steps. Each step helps you visualize yourself closer to the end goal. These same steps also provide opportunities to check in and ask yourself the big questions about how your investment is performing.
“Everyone is so overscheduled, and I feel like everybody is just surviving rather than saying, ‘What is giving me intellectual stimulation? What is my purpose? What is my passion? What am I doing any of this for?’” said Megan McCoy, assistant professor of personal financial planning at Kansas State University. “Make time to develop these internal maps.”
Just as you wouldn’t want to overinvest in a single stock, neither would you want to put too much energy toward a single goal at the expense of your other interests.
Divide your time and attention equally among the career and financial investment, personal investment and investment in health. Overinvesting in one bucket may weaken the other two, just as when putting too much money into a single company or industry can hurt your overall stock portfolio.
Pay yourself dividends
Research shows people are much more successful at accomplishing a goal when they build in rewards and other incentives along the way, said Katy Milkman, professor of operations, information and decisions at the University of Pennsylvania. Combining certain tasks with a reward can help them feel less like chores, she said.
Don’t just spend your time. Invest it.
We are born rich in time and then spend down our fortunes over the years. It may not grow like money in a bank account, but there are ways to get the most out of it. Researchers suggest thinking of time as something we invest—rather than "spend"—using our precious hours now for fulfillment and meaning that our future selves can draw from.
Fran Caballero
For someone creating a time-use portfolio, an important task is to figure out which activities deliver the best return on investment. Studies have found that some reliably gratifying ways to use your time include deepening social connections, exercising and getting absorbed in meaningful work, says Cassie Holmes, a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.
She recommends auditing your time use and rating how happy each activity made you feel on a scale of 1 to 10. Then, block off time on your calendar for the investments that are important to you, just as you would a business meeting. Holmes maintains that even highly time-crunched people can benefit from an investing mind-set, because the value of small time commitments can compound.
Continue learning after school
Dedicating resources to learning practical and purposeful new skills can help ward off dementia and advance your career. According to researchers, greater engagement in intellectual leisure activities, such as taking classes and going to concerts, was associated with reduced cognitive decline.
Fran Caballero
Another benefit of learning new ideas and skills is that it may better position you to switch jobs by making you more marketable, career coaches said. How much it helps—if it helps at all—depends on factors including your profession, the requirements of a prospective employer and the quality of the coursework.
Think beyond money for retirement
As important as a 401(k) is, it’s equally important to cultivate the interests, relationships and activities that will fill our days with purpose and satisfaction when we retire. Since pursuits and friendships can compound over time like stocks and bonds, the best time to start investing in your future is in your 30s, 40s and 50s.
Fran Caballero
There are many reasons people in midlife neglect friendships. The most obvious is time constraints, given the demands of raising children and caring for aging parents while navigating careers. Try to build routines into your friendships, said Jeffrey Hall, a professor at the University of Kansas, who schedules monthly phone calls with a good friend.
Careers can be all-consuming, especially in the peak earnings years that often coincide with midlife. This makes it important to experiment when laying the groundwork for what comes next, said Marc Freedman, founder of CoGenerate, a nonprofit working to bridge generational divides.
Find purpose in the specifics
The more particular your goals are, be it end-of-career or otherwise, the more likely you are to accomplish them. Instead of saying you want to travel and take classes, say you want to explore national parks and learn French. Think about purpose, advises Barbara Bradley Hagerty, who wrote a book about her own midlife investment reckoning.
She said she discovered “a big purpose and a little purpose,” defining a little purpose as "a source of joy that can be tucked into the nooks and crannies of a busy life." The way to a big purpose was to use her skills and experience to help a cause larger than her career: “It’s a project that would be meaningful to me even if no one else cares about it,” she said.
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