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A MONEY pro has revealed when you should go car shopping in order to get the best deal possible.
The TikTok creator's page on the app says that she's an ex-Wallstreeter who helps others get rich by providing finance tips to her followers of nearly 2.5million users regularly.
Vivian (@yourrichbff) recently shared a video with helpful information on buying a new or used car.
She captioned the video asking: "Did you know this secret?!"
The finance expert included hashtags in the caption like #car, #carlease, #newcar, #usedcar, #savingmoney and #lifehack.
In the video, the woman said she'd let viewers in on a "massive car buying secret."
She stated: "If you want to potentially get an extra good deal on your car, consider going to the dealership at the end of the month."
While sharing that information, Vivian showed a calendar with dates on a February calendar with 25 to 28 circled – the 28th showed to be even more highlighted than the other days.
Vivian went on to explain how a car salesman's income is largely based on commission.
"Every car they sale, they get a kickback," she said.
"As salespeople, they have quotas or goals for the number of cars they should sell – these quotas typically reset every single month."
The TikToker said dealerships often have bonuses to incentivize the sellers to sell even more cars.
"Essentially, if you can sell over a certain number of cars in any one month, you'll get a little extra cash on top of your standard commission," Vivian explained.
"By shopping for a car at the end of the month when salespeople may be closer to hitting a bonus, your salesperson will likely be more incentivized to cut you a deal."
They'll really want you to purchase a vehicle quickly so they'll really work with you.
"Understanding why someone would give you a discount is the first step to actually getting one," the ex-Wallstreeter informed viewers.
Her video received nearly 9,000 likes from people who appreciated the advice she shared.
A TikTok user commented: "This is true, I’ve work led for dealerships for 8 years."
They added: "It’s also a better deal to go during summers or slower months."
"True, not only that , many haven’t hit their quotas," another person chimed in.
They went on to say: "Some need to sell 10 cars a month and they probably just need 1-3."


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