Nowadays it is a known fact that many individuals in the Domain Industry are making a fortune by buying and selling domains or what is commonly known, Domain Flipping. Everyone can start making profits through this method but you need determination and most important a lot of experience which one will gain through extensive reading on this subject.

I have started as a Domainer Newbie some years ago; I have made errors and bought domains that after a year they expired without any offers for them, so I let them drop. This resulted in losing money and my confidence. But I made up my mind and started researching on this Niche. This was the secret that worked for me. As time passed I started to acquire domains which I was able to sell for huge profits. Most of my domains I have nowadays were acquired by:

• Backorder: If the owner of a domain does not renew it, it will be available for the public to register. There is a lot of competition in this industry so many times you have to rely on Backordering them through Online Companies such as Godaddy and Snapnames

• HandRegged: Domains that are not renewed can be handregged but you have to be quick to register the best. Most of the times the best names are taken through the method above.

Purchase Domain Name: I have also purchased domains from the general public which domains I flipped for huge profits. But be aware, choose them wisely so they can be sold for profits.

• Auction Domains: Another way of grabbing some premium names is through Auction Bidding. You bid on domains that have some interest in them. The highest bid will win this name.

When you have acquired some good domain names, you must find ways how to sell them for profit. There are a lot of ways to sell your domains.

• Contacting End Users: The best and most profitable way to sell your domains is by contacting end users that may have some interest in acquiring it. End Users tend to pay high for domains that will be of benefit to their Company or business.

• Sell them on Forums: You can also put your domains on sale through the various Domain related Forums. But beware that you will receive some low ball offers because these domains are normally visited by other experience domainers.

• Selling them on Domain Marketplace: Another way to sell your domains is by listing them for sale on the various Online Domain Marketplaces like Sedo, Afternic and Snapnames.

• Auction Domains: You can also put your domain names on Auction. Websites like Godaddy and eBay offer such feature.

So to conclude this article the most important thing when you try to make an impact in the domain industry is to research thoroughly on this niche and be patient when you are tying to purchase domain name.

Source by James Z Gauci

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