Is building websites profitable? What is the best way to monetize a local blog? Can you make money building small, hyper local websites that cater to professionals in my area? What is required to make a profit? Any of these questions sound familiar?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to to monetize local blogs and simple sites WITHOUT spending much money, or investing income you haven’t yet made, to earn profits that will never arrive. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

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  • Option 1: Building blogs and sites to sell
  • Option 2: Doing local LEAD generation by renting or leasing local sites

Make sense so far? Let’s look really quickly at each option… and see how you can prove this model out for yourself, rather than taking my word that it works!

The build and sell model is super easy to implement.

And if you have a wee bit of experience with online marketing, it should be pretty self evident as well.

Simply stated, you register a local domain name that has clear local value to a professional who lives and works where you are located.

Quick thought: A good domain name on its OWN can offer you a ROI of 1000% or more.

For example – a $10 dollar domain registration can easily yield $100 with NO work whatsoever, simply by contacting a local professional who will use it, or needs it for their brand and business, but never got around to registering it.

Of course the REAL money is made by developing that domain a bit – adding a blog, some content and getting the site to rank locally for your keywords of interest. (which is very, very easy to do for local SEO)

The truth is, you can easily “flip” sites like this in a local area for $400-$1000 with incredible ease, and pretty much create these style sites on a daily basis, while offering amazing value to professional people who truly will benefit.

The second option?

Sell leads. Lead generation is the lifeblood of all local businesses and you will NEVER find a professional in a key vertical who tells you they have too many leads.

Very simply, this works in every market under the sun, but it works BEST where local leads are very valuable. (think real estate, finance, plastic surgery and more)

There are countless ways to track and monetize the leads, but the easiest way for beginners is just to put a simple sign up form on the site and forward the opt in’s to a local professional for A pre-agreed upon PROFIT or payout that works for both of you.

By the way…

This is not hard “selling” by the way, as most of these types of professionals are hungry for leads and will be more than happy to have found someone like you who is able to provide them!

Source by Ian Hollander

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