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I learned there was a round of layoffs this week involving GoDaddy’s Domains, Registrars, and Investors (DRI) Group. This is the team that interacts with domain investors and partner domain registrars. I do not know the scope of the layoff, nor do I know if employees who work directly with domain investors were impacted by this layoff.
I reached out to GoDaddy to seek information about the layoff. The company seemingly confirmed that jobs were lost but did not share much additional information. I was given the following statement by a company representative:
“We recently restructured teams within two business units. We are committed to supporting the transition of those departing our company and remain grateful for their many contributions.”
I followed-up by asking about the size of the layoff and about whether the Domains, Registrars, and Investors group was impacted. Any layoff is unfortunate, but in particular, I was interested to know if domain investor-facing employees lost their jobs. The company did not share further details.
This is not the first round of layoffs at GoDaddy this year. In February, the company announced a layoff involving 8% of its global workforce. I believe that layoff involved a much larger number of people than this week’s layoff given the lack of a public announcement.
According to a post on Slashdot last month, a GoDaddy activist investor called Starboard Blue LLP suggested that “GoDaddy needs to cut more jobs, reduce the tech budget, and address why it is falling short of financial targets outlined at its shareholder day in 2022, or the board should consider exploring a sale of the business.”
As GoDaddy goes, particularly with its DRI group, so goes the domain investment space.
Layoffs are in USA but more hiring in India…..humnnn
I wonder why.
ROI. The ROI on a Indian office worker is much higher than a midwestern office worker. Numbers.
WOw…learn something new today!!
In a public company all decisions have to accountable to the shareholder. Indians / Phillipino’s produce more work for less money than a typical mid westerner with less “liability”. The CEO has to have a good reason other than patriotism to be accountable for the spend.
Wish I could provide the name of a broker who messed up my sale .How could a broker go on vacation,abandon a transaction for days and then come back to apologize?Deal should have been forwarded to their manager .
Ivan K you should not be a broker at afternic .
Alot of people who can’t bring changes should be fired as well .They interract with domain investors and do nothing. Everything seems to be in “beta” for years. Now they are feeling the heat. GD increase commission and take more from investors profit and think some of us can’t do without you?
Get ready for an awakening.
Layoffs and hiring are part of their org business decision. It is simple as such, Cost cutting and smart investment. GoDaddy and Afternic market are major pillars in the domain industry. As AI, GPT and other technologies are booming, they might be focusing on technology rather than manforce.
I had 2 good offers on Afternic last week.
But somehow both parties just “vanished”, despite logs reflecting the potential buyers had called.
It seems the brokers just want to keep their jobs and lay low and not close any deals.
I didn’t even receive notice of these offers. I had to login to my Afternic account to see these offers.
Anyone know what commissions the brokers receive? Maybe they should increase the commissions to get them to close transactions.
Godaddy’s 25% commission hike undoubtedly cost them revenue–and maybe even jobs.
GoDaddy is a very bloated company. It’s no wonder they might need to lay off some folks sooner or later.
You can’t keep raising prices astronomically to satisfy GoDaddy investors thirst for profits and expect customers to keep buying your products.
After awhile consumers just say screw you and walk away.
GoDaddy products are a secondary for most people. They will pay bills first before buying a GoDaddy product.
Common sense has to come in to play eventually at GoDaddy.
Go private already.
Be aware that you may get charged 25% commission when it should be 15%. GD/Afternic may take advantage of domain investors.
I realize GD/Afternic get commissions from sales.
But what about the brokers? One broker told me he gets no commission, so not much incentive to close transactions — just do the minimum and cover your a to keep the job
Layoff at GoDaddy Domains
Oh well, typical of big company getting into trouble.
The writing was on the wall. I read the article Elliot mentioned a month ago.
Therefore, GoDaddy just did what the board asked them to do. Laying off employees will have favorable bottom-line results. That’s typically the easiest thing that inefficient management does. I believe most domain investors want to know what the next step is.
In my particular case, I don’t care. I did transfer all my domains sometime ago, except three of them that will move away soon. I got tired of the way they do business, and it surprised me how they can keep getting away with their unfair business practices.
Going through the GoDaddy site, you’ve got to be very alert. Like a 350-pound naked person through a cactus garden. Very careful to avoid unwanted feelings. In this instance, charges are applied to undesired options.
Sucks for them lol.
Not sure why anyone would think layoffs is “lol.”
What an awful comment. People lost jobs. Some who were there for 20 years. People feeding families, paying bills. Hope karma is swift with you, how pathetic.
DRI was heavily affected. I was one of them. Well over 15 years with the company. I found out that a large amount of the people let go were part of DRI. So much for loyalty. From what I saw, all were US-based. That is all that needs to be said. Draw your own conclusions.
That stinks – I am sorry. I hope your job search isn’t difficult.
Told ya,,,,,all of them are US based…go figure.
There is an unwritten rule that if a big high tech company wants to do business in India, the CEO must be from India….look at google, microsoft, pepsi, GD…etc
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Told ya,,,,,all of them are US based…go figure. There is an unwritten rule that if a big high tech company…
Solid domain name. Buyer got a deal IMO
It’s absolutely correct. As an owner of many three character domain names, I see that the demand has been very…
That stinks – I am sorry. I hope your job search isn’t difficult.
What an awful comment. People lost jobs. Some who were there for 20 years. People feeding families, paying bills. Hope…
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