Website composition is made with a specific mission in mind. While some sites are content motivated with hundreds of pages, or simply a one page sales application, a quick web presence can be obtained in 5 pages. A simple web presentation, can be easily acquired within limited pages.

Make your own website

Whether your site is a new web presence or an addition to your existing endeavor, when you make your own site, you have the access. With the freedom of timely access, you can build your site, update, and revise when and where, it is convenient for you. Aptly, this allows you to try out new ideas, links and presentation without undue expenditure.

Fast and easy to use site builders

Site builders are type, point, drag and click tools for the technology challenged, and not so technology challenged, to make websites. There is minimal cost of no more then the cost of a hosting account. Site templates, personalization, forms and tweaks for your site are included.

A host, domain and site

With this all in one application, you can put your site together in a matter of days. Read the tips and instruction, and then work with it to get into the routine of the structure of your design. Add your content, proof it out for grammar and spelling. Use the spellchecker, and recheck for proper usage. Some words may be spelled correctly, but are not of proper usage. It happens to all of us, sometime.

5 Pages says it

A basic website, with a concise intent, can be expressed in 5 pages. If you want to add more, you can do so, without starting over, or replacing your existing web presence. Included in your 5 page site should be a home page expressing the objective of your presence, the value or consideration for your visitors and a point of action. Your next page should be an about, entailing the point of your objective in your site, and a contact page to contact you if desired. The remaining 2 pages can be of any designated relevant content that is of value for visitor reference.

Update your mini site often to keep it relevant, timely and fresh. Keep outgoing links current. Your mini site requires maintenance and fresh perspective as well as any other more lengthy project, but you can say it all in 5 pages.

Source by Dannie Melancon

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