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There’s a lot about men’s fashion that is time-honored and unchanging. For instance, nice-fitting suits, finely-cut dress-shirts, and sturdy jeans trousers will always be a staple of the modern man’s wardrobe.
But the times we live in are also shaping modern preferences for menswear. With the rise of remote work and greater emphasis on athleisure, we’re seeing more preference for roomy, comfortable clothing perfect for a day out with friends or a casual evening lounging at home.
What does this all mean for your B2B fashion business and how can you harness the hottest menswear trends in 2023 for greater sales? We’re discussing all you should know in this article, including the key trends to note and how to set your B2B e-commerce store up for success.
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Since the pandemic hit and remote work became mainstream, we have seen men’s fashion make a shift from traditional clean cut tailoring, leather soles and sartorial elegance. We now see designers looking backwards, into their archives, for ways to rework the classics and come up with styles reminiscent of the 80s and 90s while incorporating the zing of the 21st century.
But in all the changing seasons and styles, there's a challenge for B2B fashion sellers — picking the right pieces that really stand out. With a ton of men’s fashion trends rising and falling yearly (or even monthly), sorting out the keepers from the one-hit wonders is a big deal.
That's why it is crucial to approach your B2B e-commerce sourcing and sales with the right strategy. You can begin putting your strategy into place by taking a closer look at the trends in the market and what buyers are doing.
Sure, figuring out what trends are going to stick around can be a fine balancing act, especially with all the different fashion houses doing their thing. But with a firm eye on what is shaping sales at the retail level combined with the wisdom of fashion sages, you can gain the knowledge you need to curate a winning collection.
In a world that has become more conscious about preserving the ecosystem, we see pivots being made into industrial practices that leave as little ecological footprint as possible. The fashion industry is not left out, with many designers working with recycled and repurposed materials.
In 2023, the fashion trend is more focused on sustainable fashion, leveraging recycled or vintage clothing, and shopping for fashion items with the aim of owning them for much longer periods.1
So, as a men’s fashion vendor looking to attract and captivate your fashion-forward audience, you want to curate items with this focus in mind. Popular products in this category include fashion items made from agricultural product waste such as apple leather, pinatex, grape leather, recycled polyester, you get the picture.2
Also, don’t be shy to talk about the history of your fashion pieces, as an audience with this focus will definitely be interested in knowing how far the pieces have traveled. Paint an evidence-based picture of variety, authenticity, and sustainability and watch the orders roll in.
Innovative Fabrics And Sustainable Fashion
In keeping with the sustainability fashion trends, people are looking for outerwear that can work for all seasons. So think about lineups that will meet the current summer needs and provide options that can be taken advantage of when the season turns.
Some looks that are turning heads here include lightweight jackets that are not as light as your regular windbreaker and not as heavy as winter jackets.3 You want to go for collections featuring jackets that keep the wearer warm when the weather cools down a bit, but are still stylish enough for an evening out on a warm summer night.
Elevated loungewear and athleisure are taking a prominent place in the men’s fashion space. Athleisure typically combines the two ideas of athletic wear and casual clothing to create a hybrid fashion of comfortable and fashionable outfits suitable for both active wear and casual outings.4 This could include a mix of slim-cut sweatshirts, fleece pullovers and technical shirts made from light breathable fabrics.
Elevated loungewear being a blend of comfortable casual wear and sophisticated formal wear, are perfect for those who want to look good without looking too dressed up. And per the men’s fashion trends for 2023, you should expect that the audience you are looking to wow on e-commerce platforms will fall into this category.
So, you want to showcase looks that feature tailored blazers, chinos or dress pants, great dress shoes, and an excellent watch or bracelet to accessorize.
A winning catalog featuring the hottest men’s fashion trends of 2023 will definitely be misnamed if it does not include these timeless and stylish pieces.
Tailored suits and dress-shirts transcend time and always look good. While there are several options available in terms of fabric type, color and cut, buyers typically consider it a great investment to have a couple of these timeless pieces in their wardrobes.
Elevate your product lineup with suits in dark gray or charcoal gray, navy blue, and patterns. Don’t forget the crisp white shirts (can be dressed up and down for any occasion) and neutral-coloured button-downs. A few patterns and checks wouldn’t hurt as well.
The perfect ensemble is incomplete without statement accessories and footwear. You want to have an online store that provides everything your target audience would need to shine at their next outing.
Statement accessories you can consider include rings, as they convey a sense of elegant masculinity and chicness in men’s overall appearance. You also want to stock cufflinks, belts and silk scarves to take your customers’ fashion game to the next level.
When stocking footwear, think about selecting classics like brogues and loafers that exude elegance and refinement. You can also consider trainers and dress sneakers to complement athleisure wear and Chelsea boots as the perfect representation of casual meets corporate.
Statement Accessories and Footwear
Now that we have identified some trends to look out for when deciding on the brands to feature in your collection, let’s explore the men's fashion scene and check out some exciting trends as seen in this industry report.
Currently, the global men's wear market is valued at a whopping USD 500 billion. It has a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) set to hit 5.6% by 2026. In 2023 alone, we're looking at a solid year-on-year sales volume growth of 13.8% by the end of the year. Things are definitely heating up in the fashion world.
Now, which items are making this possible? T-shirts, coats, and jackets are stealing the show with their growth potential. They're expected to outperform the overall men's wear growth, so don’t forget to include them in your lineup.
In terms of geography, Europe and North America are major players, but there's a new wave of growth happening. Countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia are showing increasing interest in men's fashion. If you're considering expanding, these regions could hold promising opportunities. You want to include them when running your targeted ad campaigns.
Shifting gears to the digital realm, online retail is on the rise with a remarkable projected 43% growth by 2025. And here, we have proof that sustainability matters to consumers. So, you want to be intentional about featuring designs that embrace eco-friendliness, as doing so helps you to hit the right chord.
The US, Mexico, and the UK are big fans of Home Storage & Organization products, with over 20% growth rates in March. So, if you're aiming to make a splash, these markets are definitely worth your attention as an understanding of these will guide your inventory choices and also help with predicting your catalog for the next season.
For example, knowing when there is an upshift in orders for organization products will alert you to the fact that people are engaging in spring cleaning and decluttering, and would be looking into making wardrobe changes. So, leverage this data and get a move on making your mark in the world of men's fashion!
The fashion industry is massive, comprising several different aspects from fashion merchandising, to design, illustration, couture or bespoke, and lots more.
Therefore, the question of starting a successful menswear business can be complex to navigate. However, you’ll learn some practical tips that you can leverage to get started with your menswear business.5
There are several niches in the menswear business that encompass a wide range of styles and categories, each catering to different preferences and occasions. They include streetwear, athleisure, activewear, workwear, casual wear, formalwear, tailored and bespoke, minimalist and contemporary, and grooming and lifestyle, to mention a few.
Some fashion brands that have made big names for themselves in their specific niches include:
While no one expects you to start playing at the level of these named brands immediately, choosing a niche helps you focus your energies. This also makes it easier for you to build brand loyalty. In choosing a niche, a good place to start would be to play to your strengths.
Once you have decided on a niche, the next step is defining who you want to serve. No matter how tempting it looks, you cannot serve everyone and settling this right from the beginning would save you lots of headache and confusion.
So define your target audience. Draw up a detailed description of your ideal B2B customer. Ask questions like:
Ask questions
Having a detailed customer persona would help you reduce the time you spend chasing after clients who may not be a right fit for your services. It would also help you tailor your brand messaging and marketing strategy.
A marketing plan will serve as a roadmap which you can consult regularly as you build your brand. Thus, it should be as comprehensive as you can make it, and include the following details:
If you have not picked a name for your men’s fashion brand yet, this is where you do so. While there is no hard and fast rule on the type of name you can give your brand, there are some general tips you can follow to help you pick a memorable name.
Bestselling author Alexandra Watkins shares the dos and don’ts of choosing a sticky name in her book “Hello My Name is Awesome”.7 In the book, she shares the five qualities of a super sticky name:8
Once you have settled on a name, you want to decide your brand imagery, such as your color scheme, logo, font typeface and size.
Many business owners have fallen into the trap of trading with a business name for years before registering the name with the authorities, only to learn that the name is already in use by another company or business.
Do not let this happen to you. Once you have settled on your name, check for its availability and get it registered at once. Remember to check its availability as a domain name. For instance, you can see whether the name you’ve picked is available at Your Brand
Once you have sorted out the legal requirements, you can move on to designing your products (if you are going the bespoke or custom design route), or sourcing your products, if you prefer to work with a supplier.
If you’re working with a supplier, you would need to decide if you want to buy straight from the manufacturer or work with a wholesale distributor. Each option has its advantages and pitfalls.
For instance, working with a manufacturer can give you access to better goods at cheaper prices. On the other hand, you can piggyback on the experience of a knowledgeable supplier to build a collection that interests your buyers.
Decide on your pricing and distribution model. You could distribute through your website, or go through an online marketplace like, or use both channels. The advantage of selling on a marketplace is that it gives you access to more buyers and suppliers.
Once you have set up your online store, you are all set to begin marketing your brand and its product offerings. When you set up your online store with, you enjoy many benefits, including access to comprehensive marketing tools, product fulfillment and support with excelling on the platform.
Men’s fashion is stately and has many staples for all seasons. But as you’ve seen above, there are various moving parts to the industry and there are trends that come and go every season. With a solid grasp of the key trends in the market, you can achieve success in curating a fashion collection that interests buyers.
And if you’re yet to find your way into digital selling, you can explore setting up your online store on offers the ideal stage for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to tap into a global clientele and reliable supplier base.
Whether your expertise lies in premium suits, trendy accessories, stylish shoes, or sophisticated casual wear, rest assured that eager customers are ready to explore your offerings on
Join today and unlock the full potential of your men's fashion venture in the always-expanding global market.
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