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I mean they can get the big targets to stop running stories, but they can’t get the ad dollars back to the intended news organizations.
Maybe if they constructed a ‘Great Firewall of Canada’?
Facebook is repeating their actions from Australia’s pay-for-news law..
Australia threatens law to make google/facebook pay for news.
Facebook pulls from Australia.
Australia passes law.
Facebook resumes news service in Australia.
Yep, this. Everyone knows Facebook is full of shit. They’ll pay just like they did in Australia after throwing their hissy fit.
The difference here is the law has already passed (royal ascent is a formality) and now Meta/Facebook is going to pull news ahead of the enactment date.
I liked everything up until the last sentence.
Facebook should be a social media platform, not a news/business/everything platform.

Maybe if they constructed a ‘Great Firewall of Canada’?

Maybe if they constructed a ‘Great Firewall of Canada’?
They already did that, I’ve been smelling the smoke for over a week.
and they’ll get it good and hard.
Although pulling Facebook and Instagram from news content would have been better.
Facebook is a propaganda platform for whoever manipulates it best, it absolutely shouldn’t have actual news mixed in with it.
I manipulate my own Facebook feed hence I only see pictures of dead rock stars and scantily clad women in bikinis. Oh Noes!!!!

News feeds from social media is the root of all evil.

News feeds from social media is the root of all evil.
“Are” the roots of all evil. “News feeds are…” not “news feeds is…”.
… be getting news from facebook, or trusting anything we see there to be accurate
I don’t know if many people get their news from Facebook and Instagram, but I know a lot of people express their opinion by sharing news articles.
If that use-case is blocked, it could hurt usage considerably.
…if the Canada “news” sources weren’t seen as basically CA gov’t propaganda engines they’d do better commercially?
Since the trucker demonstration – which I didn’t support but nevertheless find how they were treated was nigh-unto a police state, with the CHEERFUL cooperation and support of the ‘independent’ news media – I haven’t bothered with CA news organs any longer.
“Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I donâ(TM)t give it any value.” – Dean Steacy, Canadian Human Rights Commision Senior Investigator
I don’t know, does anyone care? I don’t, I don’t use facebook much at all, and I’ve never cared if it showed news or not. Is this relevant? Honestly, it sounds like facebook shouldn’t be allowed to collect data from other websites and share it on their platform to collect and consolidate all the ad revenue.
It’s probably far better that people are patrons of the news sites they prefer instead of sites people are not supporting getting exposure.
In the US this action would have no effect, since there are few or no “news” sites left. Most are just commentary, opinion, outright lies or propaganda.
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The 11 is for people with the pride of a 10 and the pocketbook of an 8. — R.B. Greenberg [referring to PDPs?]

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