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(KNSI) – Education is about to get a touch more practical for Minnesota students.
A bill passed before the legislative session ended quietly added a course on personal finance to the curriculum. Beginning in fall 2024, it will be a requirement for high school graduation to learn how to balance your budget.
The Financial Literacy Coalition of Minnesota says the class could be a life-changing one, particularly for lower-income and at-risk students. Vice President Steve Lear says, “I believe this financial literacy class is a vital way for us to help people feel secure and productive. It is amazing what people can do when they are confident they have a solid plan to achieve their goals.”
Mortgage rates are at 30-year highs. The interest rate on credit card debt has never been greater. Younger Americans also carry a record amount of student loan debt. The course will better help high schoolers understand the consequences of the immense financial commitments they will be asked to take on and help them figure out what they can handle.
Outside of the possibility of personal bankruptcy, a bad credit history can keep an applicant from qualifying for a vehicle or a new home, even after they have cleaned up their financial picture.
Minnesota is the 20th state to require personal finance for graduation.
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