How many of you decided to start an online network marketing business only to find out that by just having a website on the internet didn’t mean 1000’s of hungry buyers were flooding you with traffic? In this article I will talk about what it will take to become a successful online network marketer.

So many people jump onto the internet every day hoping to make money with a online network marketing company. There are so many different opportunities to chose from that it is almost overwhelming. Be sure to do the proper due diligence before settling on the perfect opportunity for you. After you find the perfect network marketing company that fits your criteria, it is time to start your internet marketing and advertising to drive targeted prospects and potential product buyers to your website.

Domain Names– Domains are like Real Estate, you will control the traffic to this domain for the rest of your life.

Most online network marketing companies offer their distributors a replicated company website with an affiliate URL like: [] Do not make the same mistake that I made in the first year of my online network marketing business. What mistake is that you ask, it is advertising the replicated website address. The reason you do not want to market with this URL is that if the company somewhere down the road decides to change the website name then all of your marketing efforts and TRAFFIC Will go to a DEAD URL.

You want to go and register a couple of easy domain names that you will own and control and be able to redirect all traffic flowing to these domains to any website of your choice for life. I personally use for my domain name registration. Some of my team members also use . The first domain name that you should register is because everyone that you know, know’s how to spell your name.

Take a look at (which is me by the way :)) and you will find a very simple webpage that describes me that is hosted on my main website thus directing traffic to view my main website after learning about my story. Next you will want to think of one or two more domains that relate to your network marketing opportunity and your network marketing products. Here is one example that I use for marketing a new MLM Program:

After registering your domains you will want to login to the domain registration site and find the (frame forwarding or masking) option which will allow you to redirect or point your domain name to your company replicated ecommerce website or your opportunity marketing website.

Marketing: Creating a steady flow of high quality website visitors

After deciding on your domain names and getting them to redirect properly, it is time to begin marketing your network marketing business. As you begin to advertise your domain names for your opportunity you will want to use the “Fish where the Fish are” concept. What do I mean by that? I want you to use a target marketing approach to building you network marketing business. You want to attract other business minded people who are looking to start some kind of online business. The first thing that you want to do is to visit your favorite search engine and start to do searches for the different targeted keywords that people will search for to find information on starting an online business. Do a search for (mlm,network marketing,business opportunity,work from home,online business ECT……) whatever keywords or phrases that you want to target on the internet. You will come up with a list of the Top 10 websites that rank for those keywords and phrases. Next you will want to explore each of the websites and look for ways to advertise on these successful highly visited websites. I call this the “Piggy Back Marketing effect” because these websites are already getting tons of traffic. Find a way to get your advertisement and link to your domain name on these sites.

What are you looking for as you visit these highly ranked websites? Most sites offer several forms of advertising within their websites. You can pay for banner advertising or text ads on the main webpages of the website. There are also several ways for you to advertise on these site for FREE. You can look for forums or message boards or even the guest book of the website. Some of these places will allow blatant advertising while some of the FREE ways to market in the sites will be in the form of participation or by writing a little hello in the guest book, any way to leave a link to your domain name on one of these websites is key.

The idea of “Fishing where the Fish are” and “Piggy Back” marketing will give you an endless source of prospects or product buyers that will visit your website because you put your advertisement and domain in front of them where they were looking for the type of information that you were offering. The key to successful internet marketing is consistency and persistence. You should be placing a new ad or link to your website on a daily basis.

Source by Matthew Jamieson

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