As I write this, gas is now averaging over four dollars a gallon! The price of almost everything we buy is going up, and there does not seem to be any relief in sight!

It’s no surprise that people are trying all sorts of things in an effort save money on gas. In fact, they are trying to save money almost any way that they can!

While no one suggestion is going to solve the problem of high gas prices, there are many things that can be done, each of which can contribute to some savings. One of these is to start using synthetic motor oils in our motor vehicles. While the savings for the individual might be small, every little bit helps.

Fleet owners or the operators of commercial motor vehicles, truck drivers in particular, might find the savings on fuel, and maintenance, to be significant to their bottom line.

How does using synthetic motor oil and other synthetic lubricants save money on gas?

What other savings can be found through the use of synthetics as opposed to petroleum based lubricants?

What other benefits can be the result of using these products?

Well, the less efficiently an engine operates, the more fuel it burns. All motor oils and lubricants, whether synthetic or petroleum based, will break down over time. As they break down, they lose their viscosity, i. e. their ability to lubricate. During the period of their maximum viscosity, when they are new, they will help the engine operate at or near its peak efficiency. Over time, however, heat will cause them to lose their viscosity.

Less viscosity means a less efficient engine! A less efficient engine means one that burns more gas or diesel fuel to do its job.

Synthetic motor oils retain their viscosity longer than petroleum based lubricants. This means that the engine is running more efficiently for a longer period of time. This means, in turn, that the engine needs less fuel to do what it needs to do.

Secondly, synthetic motor oils, when used properly and changed on schedule, can be more efficient at protecting an engine against wear and tear. This means that the engine lasts longer and remains closer to its point of maximum efficiency for a longer period of time. Over the life of the vehicle, this means better fuel economy which translates into what we are all searching for…a way to save money on gas or diesel fuel.

There are other savings as well!

While synthetic motor oils cost more per unit than petroleum based products, the intervals between oil changes is greater and offsets the initial cost of the oil. While this initial cost may be two or three times the cost of conventional motor oil, change interval can be as much as 35,000 miles with normal use as opposed to the 3,000 to 5,000 miles recommended with most conventional oils.

This means that while a synthetic motor oil may cost three times as much as a conventional product, it can last up to seven times as long!

Don’t forget, that not only is the motorist or truck driver saving on the overall cost of the lubricant, but they are saving on the cost of the oil change as well! Also, during the time periods between oil changes, the longer lasting viscosity of the synthetic motor oil means that the engine is operating near its maximum efficiency for a longer time rather than losing efficiency several times as petroleum based products will as they wear out and lose their ability to lubricate effectively over multiple cycles.

Finally, many of us today are looking beyond the monetary cost of fuel and lubricants and are seeking ways to improve the environment. Petroleum is not a renewable resource, and using synthetic motor oils allows us to perform necessary maintenance on our vehicles while keeping them at or near maximum efficiency longer while simultaneously allowing us to use a product that does not depend as much on petroleum.

Many are seeking to make a political or economic statement and do not wish to continue what they believe to be America’s dependence on foreign oil! These people can find American made synthetic oils which will help decrease this dependence.

Again, the single motorist will not make much of an impact on his or her pocketbook or on the state of the world. However, if many motorists, truck drivers, fleet managers, RV owners, and chainsaw or lawn mower operators choose synthetic motor oils over conventional lubricants, they can make an impression on others and perhaps create a world in which people turn to synthetic motor oil to save money on gas and keep their vehicles and power tools lasting longer and working more efficiently.

Source by Donovan Baldwin

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