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PORT WASHINGTON, NY — Smusht, an ice cream cookie sandwich shop, is celebrating its grand opening in Port Washington on Friday.
Owner Steve Edelson creates standout flavors of ice cream and unconventional cookies at his 158 Main Street digs, which he opened in May.
All Smusht ice creams are naturally homemade with 16 percent butter fat dairy, and Edelson allows customers to squeeze two of any cookies they want around the frozen cream. Some of the more popular ice creams include Lemon Oreo, Caramel Pretzel Crunch and Brown Butter Cookie Dough. People can ask for the sandwiches to be rolled in toppings, too.
Since opening, business has been “booming,” Edelson, 48, told Patch.
“We were a highly-anticipated business opening in town,” he said.
While Smusht is enjoying loads of early success at its brick-and-mortar, the concept started outside of Edelson’s Port Washington home. On an idea he sat on for more than a decade.
Edelson recalled him and his friends chatting about different business ideas around 15 years ago.
“I was like, ‘How about a store where you can come in and say, ‘I want an M&M cookie on top, a double chocolate chip cookie on the bottom.’ You can pick your cookies, you can pick what ice cream you want, you can pick a topping to roll it in. If you want chocolate sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch or whatever.’ Everyone was like, ‘Yeah, that’s a great idea. That’s a great idea.’ It just became a dinner party conversation for 15 years.”
Edelson even started using the name Smusht in 2012 after a friend’s cousin thought of the idea.
“I said, ‘I love that name.’ I put a quarter on the table and said, ‘I’m buying that name from you for a quarter,'” Edelson said.
He went home and registered the domain thinking he would open the store one day soon. He paid for it, renewing the domain name year after year.
“Finally, I was like, ‘I’m never going to do this. Why am I renewing it?’ So I stopped renewing it.”
Edelson would talk about the ice cream cookie sandwiches but never do anything about it, as he had a medical supply business.
Sara, his wife, eventually had enough.
“In summer 2020, my wife was finally like, ‘Steve, you talk about it all the time. Either stop talking about it, because I don’t want to hear about it anymore, or do it.'”

Edelson had sold his other business two years ago but had a five-year contract to work out of. But he found the time to learn to make cookies and ice cream. He had friends over to sample products. He strived to perfect the cookie to ice cream ratio.
“To perfect the cookie, I had to learn a lot about the science behind baking. What salt does, what baking soda does, what baking powder does, what eggs do to a cookie. To try and find the right bite. I wanted my ice cream sandwich to feel good when you’re eating it.”
It took several months and a lot of sampling to figure it out.
In November 2020, Edelson made a Facebook post saying he was going to have an ice cream sandwich stand outside his home — akin to how children would operate lemonade stands.
“The line was down the block. I made double the amount the next week, and the line was down the block. It kind of spiraled from there into a retail shop.”
In addition to the yard-front bake sales, Edelson would participate in events across the community, local schools, athletics, arts, festivals and more. And the website domain name he wanted was still available.
Smusht was a highly-anticipated business opening, so when Edelson finally opened the doors to his brick-and-mortar, the store has been “so busy,” he said. So much so, he hasn’t had time to reflect.
“There are moments where I look around and I get a chance to be proud of what we’ve done and proud we’ve built this, but those are few and far between right now,” he said.

Edelson wanted to emphasize how thankful and appreciative he is to the Port Washington community for its support.
“They helped make a dream. They came to my house, they bought these at street fairs, they had them at fundraisers. When I was a little itty-bitty business, they helped me grow to this retail shop. And now, they just keep coming. They keep enjoying it and praising it. They keep supporting our business. It’s really great to have a small business on Main Street in Port Washington and get such a great response from the community.”
Port Washington is where Edelson and his family live — where his kids go to school and play baseball.
“I want Smusht to be a really integral part of the community. When the kids grow up here, I want them to have their birthday parties here, after a baseball came, I want them to come here, after a dance recital, I want them to come here. I want them to want to work here. I want their parents to be happy here. I want it to have a fun vibe that isn’t available at a lot of places in Port Washington.”
Edelson also thanked his staff — all of whom are high school kids from Port Washington — for taking charge.
“They take a lot of pride in Smusht,” he said. “They love working here. I hear a lot of compliments from the community about how the staff is pleasant, efficient, fun. They feel very welcomed when they come here, and the staff is a big part of that.”
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