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It only does it by default for your contacts, who tend to be people you know and trust.
Being able to connect directly is hugely beneficial – lower latency, lower cost for the service operator, better privacy etc. These days are lot of users are stuck behind NAT and the direct connection doesn’t work anyway.
I understood “krim” as a clipping of “criminal.” Under this assumption, I’ll translate:
So what you’re saying is you’re a [criminal], and the projects you find useful help you [commit crime]. Ok.
Most of my contacts are using Telegram.
Granted, I’m working in IT security, so… erh… Well, come to think of it…
I guess what people miss is that a phone call is a pont to point connection between two devices. And is not routed over a server.
Obviously the two devices know their counterparts IP address. That is how communication via the internet works.
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“An organization dries up if you don’t challenge it with growth.” — Mark Shepherd, former President and CEO of Texas Instruments

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