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Charting the Rise of America’s Debt Ceiling
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From clean tech to artificial intelligence, thematic investing provides exposure to disruptive innovations that underlie the next frontier of investing.
In this infographic sponsored by Opto from CMC Markets, we identify the trends and investment themes that could reshape society and unlock future growth opportunities.
Which four trends could define our future?
With these trends in mind, which themes are set to offer outsized investment opportunity over the next 10, 20, or 30 years?
Here is a breakdown of the next wave of thematic investing opportunities. Each theme shows the market’s expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2022-2026, and a timeline for when growth is expected to slow down.
Although most themes will likely continue to grow for decades, some may experience plateauing growth as their industries mature.

*CAGR is for the period 2021-2026. **CAGR is for the period 2021-2025.
The space economy is attracting significant capital investment driven by its future role in climate change, security, and broadband telecommunication. For instance, satellites may provide data on greenhouse gas emissions to help improve renewable energy infrastructure.
In addition, lithium is forecast to play an even greater role in the economy. Global electric vehicles surpassed a record 10 million in sales in 2022, and will continue to drive demand for lithium looking ahead.
Characterized by boom and bust cycles, semiconductor chips help process vast amounts of data across smartphones, cars, home appliances, and smart infrastructure. As ChatGPT and AI advancements have taken off in the last year, several semiconductor companies have seen their stocks soar in value.
The investment landscape is set to change significantly in the years to come. While some themes are widely recognized, others are just beginning to gain traction.
Diving deeper, let’s take a closer look at the growth outlook across four thematic investing opportunities and how to gain exposure to each.
Laggard: Growth is slowing
Pure-Play ETFs:
Many chipmakers have long-term agreements with Big Tech. As the pace of technological advancement accelerates, the implications will be far-reaching for semiconductor companies. In 2022, the global semiconductor industry was estimated to have record sales of $636 billion.
Early Majority: Growth is moderate
Pure-Play ETFs:
Thanks to cost efficiencies, 90% of new global power capacity is forecast to come from renewables by 2027—with solar making up the lion’s share. Over 70 countries, 1,200 companies, and 1,000 cities have made net-zero pledges.
Early Adopter: Growth is increasing
Pure-Play ETFs:
High-speed internet coupled with sensors, IoT, and machine-to-machine communication could drive a paradigm shift in urban design. By 2050, it’s expected that 68% of the world population will be living in urban areas.
Innovators: Growth is accelerating
Pure-Play ETF:
Space has over 200 use cases including energy, agriculture, and defense activities. By 2040, it could become a $1 trillion dollar industry, up from $469 billion in 2021.
Each theme could present a significant opportunity for investors, fueled by rapid technological advancement and broader societal shifts.
The Opto App helps users identify the top trends shaping our future. Compare, analyze, and track 40 disruptive themes and over 160 ETFs.
Download the free Opto App to create your personalized watchlist.
America’s biggest chipmaker Nvidia has joined the trillion dollar club as advancements in AI move at lightning speed.
Nearly 800,000 AI jobs were posted in the U.S. throughout 2022. View this graphic to see a breakdown by state.
OpenAI is now one of the world’s top websites, rapidly approaching the level of traffic received by TikTok and Amazon.
We visualize survey results from over 19,000 adults across 28 countries to see how attitudes towards AI differ around the world.
We visualize the performance of ChatGPT in various professional and academic exams, highlighting the improvements of GPT-4 over GPT-3.5.
Silicon Valley Bank was shuttered by regulators becoming the largest bank to fail since the height of the Financial Crisis. What happened?
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