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(Reuters) – Internet services firm Verisign reported higher second-quarter revenue on Thursday on steady demand for its domain-name registry services and increasing reliance on internet infrastructure.
Increasing digitization and a move to online business models have deepened companies' dependence on cloud services, pushing them to adopt e-commerce and web technologies.
The company reported second-quarter revenue of $372 million, compared with $351.9 million a year ago.
Verisign posted a profit of $1.79 per share in the April-June period, higher than $1.54 per share in year-ago period.
The core business of the company, which reserves names that identify a website, is operating the domain-name registries for the internet's two most important domains – .com and .net.
It also operates two of the web's 13 root servers at the top of the hierarchical domain-name system, crucial for most of the internet's smooth functioning.
The renewal rate for its .com and .net domains fell to 75.5%, compared with 75.9% a year earlier. Meanwhile, it processed 174.4 million domain-name registrations, compared with 174.3 million in the second quarter of 2022.
Verisign's shares were down about 2% after the bell.
(Reporting by Akash Sriram and Tanya Jain in Bengaluru; Editing by Pooja Desai)
“What lies ahead for the stock market?” That’s the burning question on the minds of every market and economic expert out there, and it’s undoubtedly a challenging one. Inflation has moderated to a reasonable 3% annually, and the job market is showing signs of strength. Stocks are surging, indicating that investors have factored in the risk of a potential recession. However, this leads to a problem highlighted by B. Riley’s chief investment strategist, Paul Dietrich. He points out that the latest
The secondhand watch market has sunk to its lowest level in over two years, according to the WatchCharts index.
Yellow, one of the oldest and biggest U.S. trucking businesses, is preparing to file for bankruptcy and is in discussions to sell off all or parts of the business. Yellow, one of the oldest and biggest U.S. trucking businesses, shut down on Sunday, wrecked by a string of mergers that left it saddled with debt and stalled by a standoff with the Teamsters union. What Yellow couldn’t deliver—despite swallowing rivals, getting union concessions and securing a government bailout—was consistent service for customers or profits for investors.
Canary Wharf is at its emptiest since 2005, according to new analysis, compounding fears over the future of the financial district as big names continue to abandon their offices.
Cantaloupe does not sell fruit. The Malvern, Pa., firm provides hardware and software for the self-service business market.
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The Dow just had its hottest streak since 1987, when it crashed 22% on Black Monday and ended the year almost flat.
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AI, artificial intelligence, has come into its own in recent years. Machine learning technology has found its way into a wide range of day-to-day activities, from internet searching to marketing and advertising to just driving down the highway. Artificial intelligence promises to change the way that we interact with the world and with computers, and the launch of ‘generative AI,’ embodied in real-language chatbots like ChatGPT, shows just how close that promise is. The emergence of any new techn
The banks with sizable deposit declines in the second quarter were some of the biggest lenders in the industry.
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Among the companies that could gain the most, according to a study: IBM, Nvidia, Microsoft, Verizon and Intuit.

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