If you want to build massive traffic from the search engines, you’ll do well to make sure your pages are keyword focused.

Yes, you have chosen the perfect domain name, you have chosen a niche you’re passionate about, you have researched your niche well — Boy, do you know all the great key phrases to use?

Now, you can mess that whole work if you build your pages without laser focusing on a primary keyword.

Some folks still have too many keywords in their meta tag. That is wrong. You should make sure each page is related to your site’s main theme but totally focused on a particular keyword.

You must have a primary keyword per page and not more than two other closely related supporting keywords. Believe me, you’ll do a lot better that way than if you have too many keywords.

While writing, make sure your page addresses the needs raised by such a keyword.

If your page’s primary keyword is “ipod car kits” make sure you address the issue. Don’t talk about ipod home accessories. Those who searched with that phrase need information on ipod car kits.

And don’t just give average information on your keyword. Strive to give your very best. If you can, make yours the best page on the subject matter. Yes, quality does count so much.

If you do this well, you’ll discover that your site will deliver what makes any site do well on the long run: Great visitor experience with the consequent avalanche of website traffic.

Source by Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

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