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Newfold Digital’s aftermarkets had a solid month.The words "Monthly Report Namejet & SnapNames)" on a blue background
Newfold Digital’s domain aftermarket NameJet and SnapNames combined to sell 130 domains for $2,000 or more last month, totaling $561k in sales.
Sean Markey will evaluate the domains that sold for SEO reasons, but here are some domains that jumped out to me based on the domains themselves: $34,337 – This is a solid three-letter domain. $15,650 – I don’t love the domain for a pest control company because of the -ing, but it was previously used for a directory so there might be some value here. $6,200 – A popular profession, although I don’t know what end user would buy the domain. $5,302 – A solid domain for the pet industry. $5,250 – I love this domain only because I love Zoolander. $2,899 – A great domain for a design-related service. $2,049 – Short for “working capital”, this is a good domain for a lending business.
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Steve says was an absolute steal at less than 10k. Absolute steal.
Though the large majority of real estate folks are cheapskates when it comes to domain acquisitions (as we long-time domainers know only too well), this will someday sell for six figures to someone.
Schmeagle says

I likes my land poached or scrambled, but never raw – that would be a good way to get salmonella.
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